A Conversation with Tracy Scott and Diane Gordon Briggs

Memories of childhood friends Diane Gordon Briggs and Emory Senior Lecturer Tracy L. Scott, whose fathers were on separate Apollo moon missions, shed light on the space program, the astronauts, and the impact on their families' lives.
Diane Gordon Briggs is the youngest child of Barbara Gordon and astronaut Richard F. Gordon of Gemini XI and Apollo 12.  She is a wife, mother of six (like her mom), and a Christian Counselor. Join in with Diane and her closest childhood friend, Tracy L. Scott, as they reminisce over their childhood and their dads’ space adventures during the early days of NASA.

Tracy L. Scott is Senior Lecturer in Sociology at Emory University. She grew up in Nassau Bay, Texas, as part of the early NASA community (her father, David R. Scott, flew on the Apollo 15 lunar mission). She recently donated her parents' papers from the early NASA era to the Stuart A. Rose Library (see the Finding Aid for those papers here). Dr. Scott will be teaching a course in Spring 2022: “Moon Bound: A Sociology of the Apollo Era.”